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Career history and achievements overview

An innovative Senior Django Developer with extensive skills in Python building intuitive, interactive, and scalable apps.

Collaborates and steers product managers with subject matter expertise and guidance for future product developments.

Assists engineering managers to understand architectural constraints and requirements and liaising with other service departments to ascertain and optimise setup based upon requirements and cost constraints.

Career History

Senior Integrations Engineer (Django Developer)
MHR | Jul 23 - Present
Python Web Engineer
MHR | Jan 21 - Jun 23
  • Implemented ELT process for transferring circa 1.67bn records over 180 customer environments during a nightly data collection. Extensively used Jenkins, SQL Server, Docker, Zabbix, and Celery to analyse, develop, and implement solution.
  • Integrated and developed advanced user workflows including multiple methods of two-factor authentication and a custom email solution.
  • Created intuitive HTML data tables to enable users to easily navigate large datasets and perform CRUD actions on them.
  • Written numerous Django management commands to automate and integrate application processes.

HR BI Specialist

Deutsche Bank | Nov 16 - May 19
  • Designed and developed a salary ranges VBA tool enabling employee target ranges to be cost-contained for a global cost catalyst initiative led by the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Developed Access / Excel VBA solutions automating assignment of inbound team emails and sending of email broadcasts to circa 40,000 employees.
  • Transformed interactive dashboards and key messages insights for global Senior Executive Compensation Committee to illustrate and rationalise compensation across the bank.

BI Developer

Admin Re UK | May 16 - Nov 16
  • Managed comprehensive end-to-end data migration programme from existing HR administration and payroll providers onto single consolidated platform managing downstream system stakeholders and external consultants.
  • Developed advanced VBA recruitment and data management solutions to effect robust data integrity, positive manager experiences, and streamlined operational efficiency.

HR MIS Specialist

Deutsche Bank | Nov 15 - May 16
  • Co-ordinated centralised data for over 91,000 employees to implement a global Total Compensation Framework. This included the allocation of mandatory, discretionary, and promotion budget spend.
  • Managed compensation planning and employee maintenance serving as data custodian, process owner, and stakeholder manager to divisional and regional reward advisors to enable management of employee populations.
  • Created system to co-ordinate over 10,000 corrections making system updates and ensuring data integrity and audit requirements were adhered to.

HR Systems & MI Team Leader

Admin Re UK | Sep 12 - Nov 15
  • Created technical data feeds solution to automate downstream business systems supporting general ledgers, business modelling, and systems and facilities access.
  • Developed inputs to a data warehousing solution enabling HR and finance to align datasets for commercial analysis. Engagement of Strategic Change to introduce ‘FTE Resource Tracker’ as model owner, SME, and escalation point.
Roles prior to September 2012 include HR Systems & MI Consultant, Stock Controller and Production Team Leader.

Personal portfolio projects and skills in web development/programming

From the moment I developed my first Excel and Access VBA projects, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career developing software with an intuitive end user experience solving complex problems.

Having an extensive background in Business Intelligence, Applications Development, and ETL Projects, I enjoy developing innovative solutions for people who like things “to just work” in the way they would expect.

Projects / Apps

A full CRUD application using Django’s models, views, and templates

Django Blog REST API Endpoints

API endpoints enabling front-end developers to consume with their preferred framework

Countdown: Letters Game

Take on Susie Dent in this simulation of the letters game from Countdown

Countdown: Numbers Game

Take on Rachel Riley in this simulation of the numbers game from Countdown
Leave it to fate to decide your next luxurious holiday destination in this suspenseful game
Scrape EU Referendum results or famous speeches using ‘Requests’ and ‘Beautiful Soup’
Calculate the number of words and letters input/pasted by the user
Explore fascinating datasets using libraries such as ‘Pandas’, ‘NumPy’, ‘Matplotlib’ and ‘Seaborn’

Professional Development

Enjoys a continuous programme of self-study for professional and personal development principally targeted towards skills in software engineering, web development, and data science. You can review the programming books I have studied here.