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Designing the Blog Project's Database Models Schema

This post gives a visual representation of the database schema used for this portfolio site.

The database schema is illustrated by the visualisation tool built into JetBrains' database software called DataGrip. As an aside, I …

Implementing Amazon S3 Buckets for your Django Website

It is a good idea and sometimes even necessary to store your media files outside of your server. In the case of an app being implemented on Heroku, then you need to use an alternative …

Implementing Selection Sort Algorithm in Python

The selection sort algorithm approaches the problem of sorting data by dividing and conquering.

The steps of the selection sort are as follows:

Each cell of the array is checked from left to right to …

Developing Django Project with Docker: The Dockerfile

Docker is a headache to learn but once you get the hang of it and understand all of its concepts and moving pieces, then it works extremely well. I say 'all' loosely here of course, …

How to Add a Sitemap to Your Django Site

If you would like to add a sitemap to your project so that Google can easily crawl and index the content of your website for SEO purposes, then this can be achieved using the following …

Protected Admin Page with Password Reset Feature
In this quick tutorial, we are going to learn how to protect your application against malicious automated scripts that look for admin panels. Since in Django and WordPress applications, these are located at the standard …
Embedding CK Editor into Django Blog App

The content fields for the blog posts on this site have been created using a rich text WYSIWYG editor called CK Editor.

This is a JavaScript based editor that can be added to a Django …